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Quality controls / Individual control procedures

We examine the goods meticulously according to your specifications to make sure they meet the quality requirements.

Cleaning & sewing (textiles)

If seams are defect or textiles stained we will find a solution for you and bring your products up to the required quality level.

Labelling, price marking

If your customer desires the goods to be marked with their price or their own labels we can affix the necessary labels and hang-tags.

Assembly and repairs

If necessary, we can add parts to your goods at a later point in time, and we carry out simple assembly and repair work.

Handling of returns

We will collect goods anywhere in Europe in accordance with your instructions and provide an inventory report after delivery and control of the goods at our storage depot.


If the goods’ origin should not be disclosed to the recipient we will remove all indications.

Piece picking & completing

If individual items have to be added to assorted product packs or the assortment has changed at short notice we can put the desired range together for you.


In the event of damaged export or sales packaging we can repack goods – suitable packaging materials are available at short notice.


We can assemble your displays and fill the single compartments or trays with the correct number of required items.

Price, barcode, care labels

We can prepare all kinds of labels in accordance with your wishes: textile labels, price labels, barcodes, care labels, etc.